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National Wattle Day

Did you know there is a National Wattle Day in Australia? Yes there is! 
Australia's National Wattle Day is on the first day of spring, the 1st of September each year with events and celebrations all over the country.
There is wattle walks and talks, wattle festivals, wattle parades and wattle history exhibitions. A great place to find out more information about National Wattle Day is at and also the facebook page . These sites list the events happening on wattle day in each state so be sure to check it out closer to September! They often sell wattle sprigs at these events as a fundraiser for drought stricken Australian farmers.

When I discovered there was a National Wattle Day, I set about painting two types of wattle, the Silver Wattle and the Golden Wattle. 
I used these paintings to create prints for my hand made Australian scarves specifically for National Wattle Day. How nice will it be to not only wear a sprig of wattle but to also wear a gorgeous wattle scarf too!
Here is a link to a brilliant article australia's wattle day by Rod Panter.

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