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Australian Themed Scarves Featuring Unique Native Australian Flora

Have you been looking for an Australian themed scarf that celebrates our unique native Australian Flora? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place! I have worked for nearly two years creating art work inspired by Australia's fascinating and sometimes hidden botanical treasures...from the small Queen of Sheeba Orchid to the large Red Waratah flowers I have captured the beauty of these flora in the form of water colour art work. The final result is my hand crafted native Australian floral scarves that make a really lovely Australian made gift.

Here you will find a gorgeous collection of my work available through my website. All of my scarves are tastefully displayed in earthy kraft coloured packaging. These make giving a little piece of Australia to a loved one easy.

 Australian Native Flora Scarf | Australian Made Scarf 

This was one of the first scarves I made. It features a lovely mix of Native Australian Flora such as Orchids, Bottlebrush, Grevillea and Kangaroo Paws.

Splendid Blue Fairy Wren Scarf | Australian made scarf

This scarf features the beautiful little Splendid Blue Wren with pink Geraldton Wax flowers and a graduated blue to white back ground.

Gum Blossom Australian Scarf | Australian Made scarf

Soft colours make this Eucalyptus scarf so versatile and evokes a feeling of bush walking through these Australian blossoms in spring. 

Australian Gum Blossom Scarf | Australian made scarf


Similar to the Mint Gum Blossom Scarf but with a fresh white background. Such lovely colours featuring the silver princess gum and red flowering gum.

Australian Silver Wattle Scarf | Australian Made Scarf


I was inspired to paint the silver wattle for this scarf when I was visiting a winery in the South West of Western Australia and they had one of these wattle trees in bloom. I was captivated by it's lovely silvery grey leaves and thick clusters of yellow flowers. 

Golden Wattle Scarf

Australian Golden Wattle Scarf | Australian made scarf

This is my stylised version of the iconic Australian Golden Wattle Acacia Pycnantha Flower. I felt as though this was an important scarf to add to my collection being the Australian Floral Emblem. Perhaps a perfect accessory for National Wattle Day?

Australian Magpie and Grevillea Scarf

Australian Magpie Scarf | Australian made scarf

So many people love the Australian Magpie so I thought it was a must to paint them! I was fascinated with the beautiful range and colours of the Australian Greviliea flowers at the time think they were perfect against the black and white plumage of the birds.

Sturt's Desert Pea Scarf

Sturt's Dester Pea Scarf | Australian Made Scarf

The Sturt's Desert Pea is a unique Australian Desert flower. I used to see them when I lived in Laverton (near Kalgoorlie WA) and remembered how unusual they felt, a little bit like plastic. I love the contrast of red and blue together so chose a bright blue colour that graduates into white with these brilliant red flowers around the edge.

Willie Wagtail and Wattles Scarf

Willie Wagtail Bird Scarf | Australian made scarf

How could I resist painting these cheeky little fellows. I see them all the time and find the fluent swagger of their tails mesmerizing! Yellow goes so well with black and white so I used my Australian Silver Wattle flowers to complete this design.

 Australian Bottlebrush Scarf

The Bottlebrush flower was my very first painting. They boast such a brilliant red, full flower and provide nectar for many Australian birds and even animals. I have recently aquired a Purple Passion and a Perth Pink Bottlebrush and can not wait to paint some of these too. Perhaps a scarf with all three colours would be nice!

Australian Kookaburra Scarf

Australian Kookaburra Scarf | Australian Made Scarf

I was asked a lot for Kookaburras and was really looking forward to painting for this design. I was not sure on what foliage to add in the beginning but I think the Gum Tree leaves, nuts and flowers were quite fitting.

 Superb Fairy Wren and Royal Bluebell Flowers Scarf

Superb Fairy Wren Scarf with Royal Blue Bells

This lovely scarf was a special project designed especially for The Parliament House Gift Shop in Canberra featuring Superb Fairy Wrens and the ACT floral emblem Royal Bluebells. It is an exclusive design and there for only available to purchase through the Parliament Gift Shop. Please visit this link to purchase -


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